High Tech Institute is Pathetic

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Yes High Tech Institute is full of incompetent, lying employees! I was approved for a loan, and they failed to send in the promisory note paperwork, and my loan was cancelled. I re-applied with added information they needed, and the lovely brainless morons that worked in the Finance Dept., faxed the paperwork, but didnt take the time to verify that they received it at the other end. The loan company didnt get it, so they cancelled the loan a second time. They stated I needed a co-signer if I wanted the loan, which was supposed to be 4% interest.

Several weeks before I was to graduate, they told me I come up with $900.00, or they will eject me from school. I was forced to sign and "in-house" loan with 5% interest.

I finished school, but they never had a graduation for us. THEY FORGOT! They even took 2 extra weeks to complete my paperwork, causing me to miss the deadline to apply for my massage license.

When they printed my diploma, it said I passed the Dental Assitant program. Told them it was not correct, and they said "People make mistakes!" They sent me the correct diploma, but never asked for the wrong one back!

They even let a student stay in school when he missed more classes than the state allows, because he paid for it! They are law breakers..

Review about: Massage Therapy Program.



Anyone reading this is much better off going to a local community college, or taking a loan and going to a legitimate 4-year state university.At these private, for-profit schools, the goal is to make a profit, not to educate students.

I have seen "financial aid" contracts from ITT, where students must pay for the so-called "degree", regardless of whether or not they complete school.

The cost is as much as some really good universities, and the "diploma" will be useless.Do yourself a favor and go for it--at a legitimate university or at least a community college, where your effort is not a complete waste of your time, and your hard-earned money is not thrown away.


I cant use the Dental Diplmoma, for it would be illegal. Not complaining, just letting others know that HTI is NOT the place to get ANY Schooling! PERIOD!


Congratulations, you should not be complaining. After it was all said and done you got two degrees for the price and time of one. You can use the massage degree to enter the over crowded world of incompetent part time massage therapist, as well as the on the job training field of Dental Assisting.


I had just recently applied to ITT Tech but I have not had my financial aid appointment yet. Now after hearing all this, I think I'd like to drop out. Can I still do so?

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